Tuesday, October 2, 2007

2007 Limited Digital Art Print Series is HERE

In the Great Depression, there was a Federal Art Project that sold art by subscription and investments have paid off. I am proposing a similar plan for you: SUPPORT ART,

Collect The 2007 Limited (100) Digital Art Print Series

I will offer 4 Signed Original 5" x 7" Images per month. I am very happy to announce a 50% price decrease as I found a new, less expensive yet quality supplier :>) You choose :

1 @ $25 3 @ $63
2 @ $45 4 @ $75

Your selections will arrive in acid-free archival protection. With a six-month, pre-paid subscription of $300, you receive your choice of 12 prints & a free custom-tailored presentation book for long-term storage.

2007 Series Started JULY 1ST Jump in early to COLLECT ALL


Susannah said...

Good post.

bevnorton said...

Thank you susannah - where did you find me?